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Pet-safe coronavirus cleaners

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt everyone’s lives- people are searching for ways to protect themselves, their families and their pets. (There’s little empirical evidence showing your pet can get or spread it)- but it’s been months now- the virus is... Read more

Why does my dog sniff crotches?

Does your pet have a behavior that embarrasses you? If your answer is no- you’re in the minority. Almost every pet owner can be embarrassed by a pet’s behavior from time to time. A few years ago, I had a Jack Russell... Read more

Coronavirus- Is my pet at risk?

UPDATE: 3/2/2020 The global outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus is continuing to spread. You already know that, as you can’t watch the news or check your news feed without every third word being Coronavirus. Yes, we need to take this seriously- but... Read more

Diagnosing and Managing Diabetes in your pet

I think that I’ve said this in a previous blog, but after writing so many blogs- they start to seem to run together in my mind. So if I’m repeating myself- I’m sorry. Although there are so many differences between our species-... Read more

New bill to restrict pet’s access to restaurants

We’re watching a new proposed bill in the Florida Legislature that may impact your ability to take your dogs into restaurants.  HB 243 (which you can read here) has been proposed recently- and will be debated when the legislature resumes sessions in... Read more

Xylitol- the not-so-sweet sweetener that can kill your pet

Most everyone knows that chocolate is bad for your pet. There’s a long, long list of things that you should never give your pet- and chocolate is always near the top of that list. (If you didn’t know- chocolate is a huge... Read more