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Our Policies

An overview of our policies

We have the same goals that you do. You want your pet(s) to be healthy and happy. So do we.

So that we may meet your goals, it is important that we set clear expectations on what you should expect from our team here at Tampa Vet. We know you will ask a lot of our team. In return, we have some simple expectations of our own. We think they're pretty simple, and something that we hope all of our guests can agree on. We call it our Bill of Rights.

As a TVH Guest you can expect and have a right to...

  • Accurate, clear and impartial information regarding your pet's health
  • Receive full explanations about our decisions
  • Know your pet's diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options including the risks and benefits, based on our capabilities and resources
  • Be informed of the costs of service we provide in advance of them being performed
  • Participate in decisions regarding your pet's care, including declining treatment options presented
  • A full explanation for why our staff may decline to treat your pet or provide a specific service
  • Share your questions, concerns, thoughts, or wishes and have them heard by our team
  • Considerate, respectful, and compassionate care and communication from our team
  • Fair and objective review of any complaint or problem
  • Assurance that your personal and medical information is handled in a confidential and private manner
  • Receive respect for your time and communication regarding any anticipated delays related to your appointment or follow ups

As a TVH Guest, you are responsible to...

  • Disclose relevant, accurate, and complete medical and behavior history to our team, including previous medical records
  • Share questions or concerns about anything we've discussed or left unaddressed
  • Honor your financial obligations and payment policies agreed to when your pet receives care
  • Help us provide care to other patients by abiding by our scheduling and appointment policies
  • Work collaboratively with your pet's care team to develop and perform the agreed upon treatment plan including any necessary follow up visits and at home care
  • Maintain a respectful and considerate demeanor when communicating with any member of our team
  • Be aware of the consequences for actions or behavior inconsistent with this client rights and responsibilities document, including potential termination of the veterinary-client-patient relationship

The Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (VCPR)

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By Florida law, in order for us to provide care, dispense medical advice or prescribe medications, we must have a valid VCPR. This means we must have physically examined the patient within the past 365 days.

This is important to note when requesting refills of prescription medications or food, asking questions regarding a patient’s health or behaviors and requesting telemedicine services. A veterinarian is not allowed to diagnose, prescribe or treat a patient via telemedicine consultations if we have not seen the patient within the past 365 days.

Cancellations or Rescheduling of Appointments

It is our goal to provide care for any patients that need it. When we schedule an appointment for your pet, we are setting aside time for your pet’s care. When appointments are canceled or rescheduled on short notice, it means we have missed the opportunity to provide care to another pet in need. We understand that missed appointments can happen for reasons outside of your control. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please notify us by phone or text at least 4 hours prior to your appointment so we may be able to provide care for another pet in need. Appointments canceled or rescheduled within this timeframe may result in TVH requiring a pre-paid deposit to secure your next appointment. If this prepaid appointment is kept, your deposit will be applied to your final invoice for the visit. If the appointment is missed, your deposit will be forfeited and not applied to any future visits.

Scheduling of Appointments

For decades, Tampa Veterinary Hospital did not accept appointments. Times change, and we know your time is valuable and you and your pet have better things to do than sit in a waiting room. Our care team works very hard to stay on schedule, but sometimes complex cases or emergencies may delay your appointment.

Tampa Veterinary Hospital works on an appointment schedule. Walk-in visits will be triaged and seen in order of arrival time or level of urgency. Tampa Veterinary Hospital is not an emergency hospital, but our medical team is able to triage, stabilize and manage many complex cases. If we are unable to assist you, it is because we are at maximum capacity providing care for other patients. We will do everything we can to assist your pet or direct you to another facility if necessary. If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, call us so we can assess if we are properly able to provide emergency care when you arrive. We may need to direct you to another facility.

Appointments can be made by calling 813-254-3031. Existing patients of Tampa Vet may schedule appointments using our convenient patient portal. New guests to Tampa Vet may request an appointment online as well. Due to the high number of missed appointments with new patients, a nominal deposit will be required when scheduling an appointment for a new patient. This deposit will be applied to the patient’s bill at the conclusion of the scheduled appointment. For more information regarding deposits, please see below.

Our veterinarians are unavailable for consultations outside of scheduled appointments and subsequent follow-ups. If you would like to speak directly to a doctor about an issue your pet is experiencing, please schedule a consultation/exam or a telemedicine visit. Concerns regarding non-medical issues will be handled by the appropriate team leader. Your pet’s health and your total satisfaction are our top two priorities, and we never will intentionally disappoint you. If we have let you down in any way, please let us know by sending us your concerns to

Payment Policy

Payment is required at the time services are rendered. As a small, locally and privately-owned hospital, we are unable to offer credit or in-house financing plans for our services. This allows TVH to be able to focus our attention on optimal patient care and keep our costs as low as possible. For emergencies or other complex cases where expenses may escalate, we promise to keep you informed of these costs in advance. Medical circumstances may change unexpectedly and we will keep you informed of how these changes may have an effect on your financial obligation.

We are sensitive to the fact that your financial situation may be strained by unexpected veterinary care costs for your pet. We never want financial issues to be a barrier to outstanding care. We are able to accept flexible payment plans from two providers: Scratch Pay and Care Credit. Ask us for more information. Credit decisions from these companies are outside of our control.

Mutual Respect Policy

As stated above in our Bill of Rights, we will be respectful of you and your time, and communicate with you in a kind, respectful demeanor. We request that our guests return the favor. All questions will be handled by our team of highly qualified and knowledgable veterinary professionals. While each member our team goes through regular training and continuing education, not every team member may be able to answer every question you may have- and may need to seek assistance from another member of our team to best respond to your request. All team members should be extended the same courtesy and respect that is provided to our veterinarians. If a team member relays information, please understand you are speaking with someone who has been authorized or trained to provide you with the information or advice that you are seeking. If you require a conversation with one of our veterinarians, please request an appointment or telemedicine consultation as discussed above.
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Surgical Procedures

All surgical procedures require a minimum non-refundable deposit of $100 to confirm your pet’s appointment. This deposit will be kept on file and applied to the final costs of the procedure. In the event that you need to reschedule your confirmed appointment, your deposit will be applied to your rescheduled date a maximum of one time.

Medical Records

You are entitled to a complete and thorough copy of your pet’s medical records at any time, including transferring them to a third party for adoption of new pets, housing verification, scheduling of lodging or daycare, training or veterinary specialist appointments. Pet records will be transferred within two business days.

Records transfers may only be made by listed authorized agents on the patient record. Upon termination of a veterinary client patient relationship, we will transfer pets records to a veterinary facility of your choice.