One in Five pets will suffer some type of catastrophic illness or injury in their lifetime.  Often, we find pet owners in these situations having to make life or death decisions for their pet based on financial resources. There are a number of options for pet insurance, which can protect you and your pet from facing these heartbreaking decisions should your pet become seriously ill or injured.

Some plans even cover routine wellness care with a nominal co-pay, ensuring your pet is receiving needed care, even when they're not sick or injured.

Of course, each insurance plan has their own coverages, deductibles and pricing, so we suggest you do a little research before purchasing the plan which is right for your pet or pets.  Here are some helpful resources for you to get started with your research:

Pet Insurance Review (
A great resource offering side-by-side pet insurance comparisons

Veterinary News Network Insurance Comparison – a link to a video showing side by side comparisons of 4 different insurance companies coverage.

Many of our guests have found the following companies to provide excellent coverage for their pets.

Nationwide Insurance.


Tampa Veterinary Hospital does not endorse any pet insurance company and receives no compensation from any companies mentioned above.