Sophia Alvarez

Tampa Veterinary Hospital was referred to me by my friend Melissa who has rescued tons of dogs and brought them here and told me that they are the best in the Tampa area. After our appointment with our puppy I am pleased to say that she was definitely right !The staff are extremely friendly and know what they are doing. The facility smelled clean and there were no signs of improper care. The Vet and nurse were both extremely helpful and gave us tons of information and recommendations from food ,to bathing, to medicine they answered all our questions to the absolute best of their ability and we left feeling confident our little guy was in great hands. In addition, the actual vaccination process went so well that i believe it could have only been because of how well the Vet and nurse handled everything and how experienced they are. We even had trouble getting our puppy to take down some medicine and they just let us come back in and helped us get him to take it, it was awesome! Overall we were extremely pleased with the entire experience and plan to make TVH our permanent vet from here on out. I would recommend you guys to anyone and think you are doing terrific work love everything about you!

Cindy Tippie

I own two yorkies, that I am planning on breeding, Dr. Webster loves these dogs as much as I love these dogs! She is as excited as I am about puppies. The entire office staff are very caring individuals. I drive from Gulfport to this office, I could not be more satisfied!!!!!!!

Elliott Liberatore

The TVH drs. and staff have helped us with reminders that our pets need shots, and call to see how they are doing when they are given meds. They also call us quickly with results from whatever test they needed to have and so we can breathe again, they helped us through the loss of our older pets as well. We Thank them. Elliott and Jeannette Liberatore and Rontu.

Alison Esposito

Wonderful! I cannot say enough about Dr. Webster and the staff at TVH. They are all amazing, they provide great service and are really understanding and always answer all my questions thoroughly. I recommend them to anyone who loves their pets! I am so happy with their service and I would never consider changing vets.

Rikki Radkay

I have visited this vet a few times with strays I happend to come across over the past couple years. These people are so loving and caring of animals. They took me as a walk in for the strays and were always priced very well with no hidden costs. This is hard to find, especially in Tampa. Now I take my own cat in there and the service, committment, passion of the staff at the Tampa Veterinary Hospital are amazing. I happend to have a couple miscomunications when comming in with my own pet for her annual check up and I recieved a call from Dawn, on her private cell and late at night, to clarify the confusion and to set things right. Again the passion and commitment of this staff are truely something special and I will be using this vet for many years to come.

Shirley Cueto

Dr. Webster and the staff at Tampa Veterinary Hospital always go the extra mile in taking care of Bandit, Ivan, Suzi, and Sweetie, our little dog and 3 cats. We feel confident that they are in the best hands anywhere when we take our sweet pets to see them. And they also remind us of the dates that shots, etc., are due during the year. Thank you, Dr. Webster, for all your concern when caring for our animals and us!

Rebecca Kukla

I can't say enough good things about these folks. I have been bringing my now quite elderly shiba inus to Tampa Veterinary Hospital since 2007. I get friendly and totally personal attention every time, and they have taken excellent and loving care of my dogs through several different major and minor health crisis. I am gone many months a year, and when I need to bring one of them to a vet elsewhere, Dr. Webster phones me at home to check up on how my dog is doing even though she's not the one who treated her (or made any money!) that time. They are always cheerful about helping me out - this morning they searched through 15 year old faxed papers to find me ancient information they needed. They do a great job delivering competent and personalized care, they are helpful, the facility is clean and cheerful, and they are nice to me and to my dogs. What more could I ask for? Oh, also, they never overcharge me or push expensive services.