Untreated and Preventable

Imagine if you couldn’t brush your teeth and, little by little, plaque and the bacteria it creates eroded your teeth and caused serious infections throughout your body. According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, more than 80% of dogs and 70% of cats develop some form of dental disease by the age of three.

Advances in veterinary dentistry available at TVH prevent serious periodontal (gum) disease which is one of the most common preventable illnesses in pets. With routine cleaning, plaque is controlled before it develops into gingivitis and periodontal disease. This serious disease allows bacteria to enter the blood stream, causing infection and inflammation of a pet’s vital organs. We will often strongly recommend performing full mouth dental X-rays, since two-thirds of the tooth exists below the gum line. X-rays help us identify fractures or bone loss that could lead to more significant problems over time.

Because two-thirds of an animal’s tooth is below the gum line, professional oral cleaning is required to assure good oral health for your pet. It has a significant positive effect on your pet’s general health and well-being. Our state-of-the-art dental suite is equipped with digital x-ray and the latest scaling and polishing equipment available, not to mention highly experienced and capable veterinarians and dental technicians.

Our dental services include preventive scaling and polishing but we also provide surgical and medical treatment of periodontal disease, orthodontics and corrective and reconstructive oral surgery. In severe cases, especially with older pets, tooth extraction is necessary.

Home care is also important in preventing dental problems for your pets. Brushing, enzyme-treated chews, oral rinses, water additives and special diets are all available at TVH. Discuss the best options with our veterinarian.