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South Tampa's Favorite Vet

Your beloved pet deserves the highest quality care from a compassionate and dedicated team, which is exactly what you will find at Tampa Veterinary Hospital. We’re proud to be Tampa’s oldest and most trusted veterinary hospital for close to a century. Our team of experienced veterinarians has more than 60 years combined experience caring for dogs, cats and a wide variety of exotic and non-traditional pets. We love your pets - and they can tell!

Routine tests, early treatments for illness, and other preventative care can also extend the life of your pet.You shouldn’t have to stress about the cost of your pet’s health care. Tampa Veterinary Hospital offers wellness plans which can be spread into monthly payments, allowing you to easily budget for your pet’s preventative care year round.
A wide range of animal care available in the South Tampa FL area

The South Tampa Vet That Cares For Many Types of Pets

Whether your pet walks on four legs, swims, slithers, or hops, we look forward to welcoming them to our full-service South Tampa Animal Hospital for quality care. Our veterinarians are trained and experienced in caring for many different animals besides just dogs and cats. Our expertise extends to rabbits, sugar gliders, ferrets, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, rats, mice, hamsters, de-scented skunks and even prairie dogs! Yes we also love fish, birds, non-venous reptiles (such as snakes, lizards and turtles), and amphibians (such as newts, frogs, and toads). You can find a full list of the species that we care for here. If you don’t see your pet on our list, give us a call! We may be able to help you or recommend a veterinarian who can.

Pet Surgery, Dentistry, Lab Tests, Preventative Care Plus the Latest Technology

Professional pet care in the Tampa, FL area

All of your pet’s needs—from daily essentials like pet dental care, preventative pet care, pet surgery and professional lab tests for pets— can be taken care of at Tampa Veterinary Hospital. Our vets are specially trained to serve your animal’s needs from infancy to old age. We offer everything from animal adoptions to hospice care. Education can be provided on the diet, and environment that your particular pet should have, which is especially helpful for non-traditional pets. Learning more about what your pet needs to thrive is an important part of being a great pet owner and ensuring they live a long life. 

Tampa’s Oldest Veterinary Hospital offers the latest veterinary technology for your pet. Our veterinarians and technical staff can provide laser therapy, digital x-rays and ultrasound when needed.

South Tampa Spay & Neuter

Are you worried about having your cat or dog fixed? You can feel confident that they will receive the attention they deserve when they are spayed or neutered at Tampa Veterinary Hospital. We manage the pain of all animals that undergo surgery to ensure their comfort. We also monitor them after the expert surgical procedure to ensure proper healing.

Veterinarians In South Tampa

If you have been looking for a South Tampa “vet near me,” come visit us! Find out for yourself why we have the best vet ratings and best vet reviews in South Tampa. We recommend setting an appointment but we also accept Walk-ins. New Patient Exams for dogs or cats are only $5 for all new pet patients even if we’ve met their humans before.

Do you love to learn about the latest trends in animal health or interesting new veterinary medical technologies? If you do, check out Dr. Webster’s Blog! Each month we share information about what is going on in the veterinary world and answer questions from pet owners like you.