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CBD products for my pet- Can they help?

  In my last blog, I talked about marijuana and the need to keep marijuana away from your pets since dogs and cats are hyper-sensitive to the psycho-active ingredient THC.  So, what’s the difference between THC and it’s cousin CBD that you... Read more

Marijuana intoxication in pets

I’ve been thinking about writing on this topic for quite some time- especially after the state of Colorado and others passed laws which made recreational marijuana legal.  I decided to hold back on writing about the issue for a while, so that... Read more

Deadly Illness Closes Animal Shelter

An Illness has forced the closure of central Florida animal shelter (Jan 18, 2018). In previous blogs, we’ve talked about a number of different outbreaks of illnesses here in central Florida- most recently Canine Influenza, and an isolated Rabies outbreak. If you’ve watched the news recently, you... Read more

New Airline Rules for Service Animals

UPDATED February 7, 2018. Dexter was recently denied a seat on a plane.  There have been lots of stories around the country about folks denied boarding, or even getting kicked off of planes, some for good reason, others not so much. But... Read more

Essential Oils and The Threat To Your Cat

Can a popular trend be making my cat sick? The truth about essential oils and your cat. Although they’ve been around for decades, essential oils have become very popular of late.  I’m not here to debate the potential human health benefits of these products, but to inform you that, yes, certain... Read more

Holidays and your pets

The holidays are a special time for the entire family- and that goes for your pets too! I know there’s lots of potential for stress, and your pet is not immune to it either. Whether your pet is one who loves being... Read more