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Halloween and your pets- keeping them safe

I’ve always loved Halloween. I really enjoy watching excited children dressing up as their favorite super hero, cartoon character or whatever their imagination can dream up. Whether you have children you plan on taking out trick-or-treating, or your plans are to just... Read more

Flea and Tick Product Safety called into question

If you haven’t seen it on the news or on social media, it is likely only a matter of time that you will likely hear that the FDA has issued a statement regarding what they are describing as ‘adverse events associated with... Read more

The Kissing Bug- cute name, bad bite

It has a cute nickname and sounds like a harmless little insect- but the so-called “kissing bug” can spread a disease to both you and your dog which could ultimately be fatal. The parasitic ‘Kissing Bug’s’ real name is the Triatomine bug,... Read more

A new tick threat

If there ever was a reason to get your pets a supply of flea and tick prevention, this is it. A few days ago, the Longhorned tick was found in Maryland- with the Terrapin State being the 8th in the US to... Read more

Mystery Illness in Mid-Atlantic

A mystery illness is hitting dogs hard in Virginia, and it is puzzling veterinarians there as to what the illness may be.  Normally, I wouldn’t be so quick to write about a mystery illness or outbreak in Virginia- but since we witnessed... Read more

Weekly Beach Report

Hi everyone! Our social media post in late July regarding the beach advisories was so popular, we decided that we should update our blog every week to let you know if the beaches are safe for you and your pets.  We will... Read more