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Rat poison now deadlier to your pet

I read an article recently which scared me. Really scared me. I wrote this blog the moment I finished reading it. The article mentioned that d-CON was changing their ingredients.  Whether you’ve actually ever had to use it (hopefully not) you’ve probably... Read more

Sun Protection for your pets

Can my pet suffer from sunburn? There’s a reason why Florida is called the sunshine state. For many of us, the sunshine and the warm climate is one of the reasons we live here. As we spend time outdoors in the sun,... Read more

See Tampa Veterinary Hospital – Virtually Online from Anywhere Using Your Phone, Tablet or Laptop

One advance that has been around for a few years in human medicine is virtual medicine.  Now, some human doctors don’t even require an office visit- and you can make your appointment and have your consultation with your physician in front of... Read more

United Airlines bans short snout breeds from cargo

Traveling with your pet on United Airlines has become even more difficult if you have certain breeds- if not impossible.  United Pet Safe, the airline’s program designed to transport pets not eligible to fly inside the cabin of the aircraft, recently announced... Read more

Easter Dangers for Your Pets

As the 2018 Easter Holiday approaches, many veterinarians like me think about Easter Monday. Yes, Monday. Although I do look forward to celebrating the Easter Holiday with family and friends, the Monday following a major holiday is usually quite busy- and Easter... Read more

Allergies and your pet

What’s the most common reason for a dog or a cat to visit their veterinarian?  The answer may surprise you. When I talk with friends outside of the veterinary industry- this topic often comes up, and most people think it has something... Read more