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Hurricane Season 2020

We’re headed into the heart of hurricane season, and forecasters (and most Floridians) are keeping an eye on the first potential threat to Florida in Tropical Storm Isaias. Although this storm does not appear to be a severe threat to us here... Read more

Tampa Vet Minimizing COVID-19 Risks

Tampa Veterinary Hospital remains committed to serving our guests and the patients in our care. Both the state of Florida and the city of Tampa have deemed veterinary hospitals to be essential businesses- and understand the important role our pets play in... Read more

Vet Visits from Home

We’ve been using our AirVet telemedicine app at Tampa Veterinary Hospital now for several months- and it truly is a great way for pet owners to contact their veterinarians while remaining comfortably at home.  With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine is important... Read more

COVID-19 Resources for your pet

The Centers for Disease Control has recommended all individuals practice “Social Distancing” as a strategy to help stem the spread of the highly-contagious coronavirus (COVID-19). You’ve probably heard the term, but what exactly does it mean, and how does one actually put... Read more

Pet-safe coronavirus cleaners

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt everyone’s lives- people are searching for ways to protect themselves, their families and their pets. (Your pet can’t get or spread it) Whatever your stance is- from self-quarantine, social distancing or acting ‘business as usual’-... Read more

Why does my dog sniff crotches?

Does your pet have a behavior that embarrasses you? If your answer is no- you’re in the minority. Almost every pet owner can be embarrassed by a pet’s behavior from time to time. A few years ago, I had a Jack Russell... Read more