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Giant Snails may pose a threat to your pets (and to you!)

Some people like to eat snails. They’re considered a delicacy in some cultures. I’m not big on escargot, but to each their own- but I digress. The topic on hand here is serious- the Giant African Land Snail. This particular snail has... Read more

Hurricane Season 2022- Get Prepared!

JUNE 1, 2022   It comes around every year, so it’s like your birthday that way… but it lasts a lot longer. Of course, we’re talking about Hurricane Season. Like most years past, the forecasters are stating that this will be an... Read more

Avian Influenza found in Florida

Avian Influenza has been reported in Florida, and it is a topic that should be worrisome to all of us. Not only from a health perspective (more on that in a minute)- but from an economic one as well. Avian Influenza is... Read more

CIRDC- Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex

You may not have heard of it, but it’s been around for a long time. Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex- or CIRDC. In March of 2022, it made headlines in the news, as a number of pets in South Florida were diagnosed... Read more

Hurricane Season 2021

JULY 1, 2021 Mother Nature is a wicked one sometimes… We’re getting ready to unveil our new hospital soon, and there’s a tropical storm (Elsa) out there in the Atlantic. It’s still probably 5 or 6 days away, but we could deal... Read more

Tampa Veterinary Hospital is Moving!

That’s right! After close to 65 years at our iconic W. Kennedy Boulevard location, Tampa Veterinary Hospital is moving! While it will be difficult to leave our home of more than 6 decades where we have made so many fond memories, it... Read more