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Crate Training Your Pet

Why Crate Train Your Dog? •They learn it is their ‘Room’- even with the door open •Provide a safe, cozy place that she can call her own and sleep in at night. •Gives you a safe way to transport your dog and travel with her to... Read more

Traveling with your pet

Does the sound of your car keys jingling make your dog excited? Do the words ‘car ride’ send them into a frenzy? Many dogs love the excitement of a ride in the car. It’s fun for them, and we want to make sure that the... Read more

Is my pet overweight?

We hear about it all the time. That we, as humans, need to eat less and exercise more to maintain a healthy weight. We see articles in magazines and newspapers. We see stories on the news telling us about the expanding waistlines... Read more

Leptospirosis is a real threat. Are your pets protected?

Leptospirosis. The threat is real. Is your pet protected? There has been a recent  troubling spike in cases of a potentially fatal bacterial infection among dogs — which can be spread to humans. The disease, leptospirosis, can infect dogs, possums, raccoons, rodents, cattle, pigs, and horses. What is especially... Read more

Hurricane Preparedness for your pet

Living in Florida has numerous benefits- especially the tropical climate which makes for an abundance of year-round outdoor activities. As all Florida residents know, one of the downsides to our tropical climate is the threat of tropical storms and hurricanes from June until November. Although we have been very fortunate... Read more

Mosquito season means increased risk of heartworms

May 10, 2019 Although the ‘official’ start of summer is still weeks away (June 21, in case you were wondering), it already feels like the season is upon us here in Florida. Warmer temperatures and our increasingly-frequent afternoon showers bring back many... Read more