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Rabbits as pets

Pros and Cons of owning a rabbit Every spring I see advertisements scattered around the internet and in local circulars for rabbits for sale. With the looming arrival of the Easter Bunny, many families think that adding a rabbit to their family... Read more

Your first pet fish

When people ask me what type of pets that I can provide veterinary care for- everyone expects the standard answer of dogs and cats- maybe birds (of course I see those, too) but I always include fish. People are usually taken aback... Read more

Creating the proper habitat for your exotic pet

At Tampa Veterinary Hospital, we see lots of different types of pets. Naturally, the most popular pets are dogs and cats, but we also see birds, non-venomous snakes, lizards, amphibians, ferrets, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, sugar gliders and a variety of other exotic... Read more

Cleaning your reptile’s habitat

In my recent blog, I detailed the importance of following some simple rules on how to minimize the risk of spreading Salmonella when handling reptiles and amphibians. I hope you found that article educational and helpful. If you missed it, or want... Read more

Your first pet snake- the best choices

In another one of my recent blogs, I shared with you my thoughts on which lizards make for good pets for people considering their first reptile. If you missed that blog, you can read it here.   In this blog, I want... Read more

Choosing your first lizard for a pet- what’s the best choice?

If you’ve never really considered yourself a dog or a cat person- you’re not alone. In a recent survey, it was found that 9.4 million people in the US have reptiles as pets. It’s far down on the list from those who... Read more