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Going Above & Beyond

Dec 06, 2018 by 

The vets at TVH always go above and beyond for our beloved animals, including staying late on a Saturday evening to perform emergency surgery!! Thank you for always taking such great care of us and understanding how important these little animals are to us.

Incredibly Helpful

Dec 04, 2018 by 

TVH is not our primary vet, but they were incredibly helpful this week when we needed assistance with our dog and our usual vet was out of town.
After going to two vets who were unable to help, I called TVH and asked if they could see her. They immediately offered an afternoon appointment, and when I explained my concern she was in respiratory distress they assured me they would see her right away. As soon as I arrived they called for triage and took her back to be seen. All of the staff were incredibly helpful as I signed in, I was immediately placed in a room as they politely explained to other clients that it would be just a few minutes as they handled our emergency.
Both vets took the time to update me, even if it was just to say they were still working with her. They also made a point to gently let me know she was struggling, which let me know to call my husband so he could be there, too. As they explained our options they told us point-blank they would help us with whatever we decided, and at no time did we feel they were pushing services, which unfortunately some vets do when they know owners are scared or desperate.
Ultimately we had to make the painful decision to help her pass peacefully, but they answered all of questions so we could make the best decision for our little one. They gave us time to be with her, and made her passing as gentle as it could be.
While it was a very difficult morning, I was truly thankful they took us in and acted as quickly as they did. We were not established clients but they gave us compassionate care and attention in a time of need. They even set aside our pup’s leash which we forgot, which meant a lot to be able to pick that up the next day.
They are a well-staffed, professional office, and provided compassionate and competent care.

Always Great!

Dec 03, 2018 by 

We take all 6 of our dogs to Dr. Webster. All the vets there are wonderful! The staff is also amazing!

Great & Inexpensive

Nov 13, 2018 by 

This vet was awesome with my baby boy Scooby. And the bills wasn't expensive either.

Very friendly and helpful staff.

Nov 10, 2018 by 

Very professional and it was easy communication through texting, appointment reminders, welcome, etc.Excellent knowledge in the area of breeding and repro.

They are the best !

Nov 08, 2018 by 

I have been going to DR Webster for years and when I moved out of South Tampa to Valrico years ago I thought of getting a vet closer to home but in the end Ijust couldn't give up on such a good vet for the sake of a 40 min drive. I have a Yorkie who is a complete nut ball but she takes hertime and lets him sit on my lap when she exams him. Once she even came out to my car and did a visit because he had a cough and she did not want it to be spread in her office. My other baby is Bella who absolutely adores Dr Webster and never fears going to the vet. The staff is awesome and I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who wants top- notch care for their pets. They are also one of the few places that offer a payment plan , so I pay a monthly fee and then when they are due for their shots, teeth cleaning etc it is not a huge bill because I have been paying for it over the year.

Dr. Webster is hands down the best vet in Tampa

Nov 07, 2018 by 

Her care is professional, loving and she will go above and beyond to make sure your pet is cared forShe has treated 3 of my German Shepherds over the past 10 years from puppy to seniors. My pups absolutely love her. I have never had an experience where my pet was excited to go to the vet. The first time I went the easy cheese came out on a stick for my Shepherd to lick while getting a shot, I thought this was genius! She has been there for our family and kept our pets healthy when others could not figure out what was wrong. I could go on and on how wonderful she is. If you need a vet, stop looking and just take your pet here you will not be disappointed.

Always There To Help

Nov 05, 2018 by 

I have taken my pets to Tampa Veterinary Hospital for many years. The vets and staff have always been helpful and knowledgeable whenever we visit. I am very glad a friend recommended them to me when I got my first dog. They have always been there to help. I would highly recommend them.

Very Nice Staff

Oct 08, 2018 by 

Very, very nice staff.The vets are absolutely knowledgeable.The vet techs are friendly and are very kind in the way that they hold my dogs for shots, etc.Office Manager is very accessible for questions.Central location I like too.

Absolutely Love The Team

Oct 07, 2018 by 

Everyone is amazing! The staff always make my babies a priority and make them feel safe and comfortable! I absolutely love the team at Tampa Veterinary Hospital!

Tampa Veterinary Hospital, USA 5.0 5.0 163 163

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