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UPDATED December 29, 2022

As expected for this time of year- with low rainfall totals and cooler temperatures, the water quality at our local beaches is pretty good as it relates to our report regarding enterococcus bacteria. However, red tide continues to plague some of our Pinellas County beaches, especially towards the mouth of Tampa Bay. At this time, only low levels of Karina Brevis has been reported in the southern parts of the bay. For more information on red tide, please see the link in the next paragraph.

Water samples are taken by the Florida Department of Public Health from dozens of beaches around the state to test for fecal coliform and enterococcus bacteria. These samples are taken weekly in Hillsborough County- and bi-weekly in Pinellas County. It takes a day before test results are back- and we will report on these as soon as we can review and post them here. The quality of the water is affected by numerous factors- including heavy rains which can flush contaminants from the land into our waterways into the gulf. As a reminder- these results have nothing to do with red tide. For more information on red tide in our area, please see the FWC’s website here.

As a reminder, Pinellas County is only offering bi-weekly water quality testing, as the county has chosen not to fund weekly testing.

There are lots of public beaches in our area- but we will only be posting on the following beaches since they allow our furry friends to play. They are:

  • Davis Island
  • Picnic Island
  • Fort Desoto
  • Apollo Beach Nature Preserve (not tested, but is nearby Bahia Beach- which is tested)
  • Honeymoon Island

*Apollo Beach Nature Preserve is not a site that is tested, however there is a test site within a few miles of this dog beach- Bahia Beach. We will report the findings for this site.  Use this data at your own risk.

You may be asking about Gandy Beach. Unfortunately, the Florida Department of Health does not currently do testing at this site. If this changes, we will include it.

Hillsborough County Water Quality Results- 12/28/22

Picnic Island: Good Conditions

Davis Island Dog Beach: Good Conditions

Apollo Beach Nature Preserve: Good Conditions at nearby Bahia Beach

As a reminder, Apollo Beach Nature Preserve has a dog-friendly beach. This site is not tested, but is only about one mile from Bahia Beach which is tested weekly. Use these test results at your own risk.

Pinellas County Water Quality Results reported 12/19/22 

Fort Desoto: Good Conditions

Honeymoon Island: Good Conditions

The Florida Department of Health water quality reports can be found here directly.


For all local beach reports (includes non-dog beaches)- follow these links:

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