As your veterinary team, we have come to love your pets and share your sorrow when their lives end. If you are experiencing grief due to the loss of a pet, Click Here to find resources that may be able to help.

These are your pages – for your memories, to explain how much your pet meant to you, to find relief in knowing that others feel your sense of loneliness and grief.  Sharing memories is not just helpful for adults but is an important way for children to better understand and express their feelings about the loss of their pet, often the first time they have had to confront death.

Happy Long

Our Happy was the sweetest girl. I miss her cuddles, loves and her great smile. She captured my heart and I miss her every day. There was just something about her. I can never replace her I can only remember our happy times.


Two weeks ago my brother Anthony Lopez and my sister in-law Elissa had to say goodbye to their son Lexington. As his dog Uncle, I can honestly say I loved my nephew so very much as did my daughter and two sons. Watching him play with his toys but especially his admiration for the TV and commercials were especially entertaining. He also had a special relationship with the vacuum cleaner. We love you and know you are having a blast up in heaven my little friend. Miss you Lex. All our love, Tio Todd, Camryn Sophia, Ean and Niko Lopez

I miss you baby girl

I feel your absence so much each day. I miss you so much. I know you are OK now. You are with Red & Larry. And now Four has joined you there and will need you to help watch over us all that have been left behind. You are still my beautiful baby girl...And will always be my Karma Chameleon. I love you, Karma. Until my dying breath, Love Always...Me

We miss you, Jellybean

Two years ago today, you left us to go to The Rainbow Bridge. We did not want to send you on that journey but we knew that you needed help, we saw the look in your eyes this was the only way we could give you comfort. One day we will cross the Rainbow Bridge with you and we'll be reunited. You brought such joy into our lives and traveled many miles together. We miss you and love you, Mattie sends her love also. Daddy Al & Mom Ellie