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Good Dental Care for Dogs and Cats

Just imagine if you never brushed your teeth- I shudder at the thought. Of course, so does your dentist! Our dental health is vital, which is why we brush our teeth, floss (or at least tell our dentist we do) and schedule regular visits and cleanings with our dentist.  The same... Read more

Simple 4th of July Safety Tips

When you think about the Fourth of July holiday, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Many of us think about cookouts, pool parties and of course, fireworks. While these are all fun things for us, each of these can pose... Read more

Rabies Alerts for Hillsborough County

Updated August 29, 2018 In the past week, there have been 2 new cases of rabid cats attacking residents of Hillsborough County. The latest unprovoked attack took place in Gibsonton, with the previous attack taking place in Tampa, a few miles north... Read more